We are specialists in Asset's Protection

and Corporate Risk Management

From what is seen to what is undercover, at LatinRisk we know how to identify and minimize risks and protect your organization's assets and HR.

The greatest risk is the one which remains unknown

We know how critic protecting organization´s assets may be but not always organizations are aware of the multiple threats the deal with.

Know-how as an answer

We deliver a comprehensive and customized solution to every security needs. Our assessment, consulting and solution implementation services are based on our extensive experience in the field.

The security of being in expert’s hands!

We help to identify the weakest point in your security organization!

Certified Quality

We work aligned with ASIS International Standards, ISO 31000 and best practices globally accepted.

Latin American Market

We know the regional arena and contexts, and especially, the social and economic dynamics of the countries of the Latin American scenario.

+30 Years of experience

We have a personal and as a team expertise, which endorses us. In Argentina, we are leaders in Consulting and Design of security systems.

Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards

Chairman & CEO


BS in Human and Public Relations. During his more than 40 years career, he held managerial and leadership positions in HR, operations, senior management, commercial and shareholder board in corporations in the areas of security carbonated water, auto parts, automotive, petrochemical and telecommunications, He has also been a government official of the City of Buenos Aires. For more than 25 years, he has worked in HR management and consulting and corporate security.

Ricardo Botta CPP

Ricardo Botta CPP

Country Security Officer (CSO)

Argentina & Latam

Senior Partner

Certified Security Professional (CPP) and Retired Argentine Naval Officer with more than 30 years’ expertise in the areas of military and private security. His career is framed in the fields of Physical Security, Crisis Management, Corporate Security and Risk Management for security companies and national and multinational companies.

Horacio Malberti Lago

Horacio Malberti Lagos

Physical & Tech Security Specialist

Senior Consultant Associate

NEA, NOA, Centre & Patagonia's Argentine Provinces

Retired Lieutenant Colonel (Argentine Army) with Intelligence expertise and more than 30 years expertise in Physical and Electronic Security and implementation of ISO 31000 standard. He advices corporations to obtain the Social License to Operate (LSO), for Crisis Management, Resilience and for the Analysis of Internal and External Environments.

Anibal Pereira

Anibal Pereira

Physical & Forensic Security Specialist

Senior Consultant Associate

Buenos Aires, DC & Atlantic Coast's Argentine Provinces

He has more than 30 years’ expertise in the field of public and private security. He is a retired Commissioner of the Police Province of Buenos Aires, BS in Public Security, Diploma in various areas and specializations of Security such as Criminal Profiles, Physical Security, Supply Chain Security and Authorized Economic Operator, Personnel Security, Physical Protection, Risks and Asset Protection, Security Surveys and Studies,

Security is not just a slogan, it’s our commitment!

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